Wacky Hair Day on Day 5

The final day of Spirit Week featured hair of many colors, shapes, and sizes! The theme was selected by the high school, many students from which got very creative 😂

The percent participation for the day:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 100%

3rd and 4th – 80%

5th through 8th – 80%

High School – 57.9%

The overall standings after the final day:

Kindergarten – 100% *AMAZING*

1st and 2nd – 88.1%

3rd and 4th – 81.45%

5th through 8th – 81.52%

High School – 75.2%

So Kindergarten takes home the gold with 1st and 2nd grade ahead of the rest of the pack with 88.1% participation. After being neck and neck the whole week, 5th through 8th barely beat out 3rd and 4th for the third place spot (I had to round to the nearest hundredth instead of tenth or they would have tied!) The high school hung in there for most of the week but had a tough day on Friday that really brought their average down.

Thanks for keeping up with the spirit week shenanigans! Enjoy the photos from wacky hair day.

Pajama Party on Day 4

Pajama Day was the selection of grades 5-8 and it was a ton of fun! The only downside was that it seemed to make us all a little sleepier…

Percentage participation for the day:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 93.8%

3rd and 4th – 87.5%

5th through 8th – 89.5%

High School – 80%

Which brings our cumulative averages to:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 85%

3rd and 4th – 81.8%

5th through 8th – 81.9%

High School – 79.5%

Kindergarten doesn’t seem to be letting up at all! It would take a big swing on day 5 for us to see a different cohort take the gold.

Enjoy these pajama day photos.



Twinning on Day 3

Day 3 of Spirit Week had the OCS student body picking a friend (or two… or seven [cough, Kindergarten, cough]) to dress the same as.   Participation for the day by each class:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 67%

3rd and 4th – 68%

5th through 8th – 63%

High School – 76%

The cumulative standings after day 3 look as follows:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 82.2%

3rd and 4th – 79.9%

5th through 8th – 79.4%%

High School – 79.4%

Kindergarten is still the team to beat, staying steady at 100% participation, as we head into pajama day.  Stay tuned!

Don’t worry, you aren’t seeing double, these are just the pictures from Twin Day!

Robbie and Ezra matched with their Minecraft shirts and their curly hair!
The entire kindergarten class came as a matching set!
Bella and Tatum matching down to their bunny hats and masks.
Anavah and Samantha pictured here in the background with their bridge! It’s really taking shape.
Note: Twin Day is non-contact. But if it weren’t, Elijah and Nikko would be prepared.
Ms. Becca and Ms. Q had an easy time matching because they own so much awesome clothing from Faraways Boutique!
Xilef and Renata matched while they prepared their bridge pieces for assembly.
Alina and Meriel #twinning with precision and style. We would expect no less from these fierce ladies.
Aria and Ms. Kami are TWO cute humans (Twin Day pun!) We have it on good authority that Aria carefully made these outfit selections.
In clothing not altogether out of character, Lili, Ms. Becca, and Kameah came as a trio.
Nick and Matthew went with a classic look. The “OI” on Nick’s hat sure looks official.

Stuffed Animal Parade on Day 2 of Spirit Week

Day 2 of Spirit Week had 100% participation from nearly all grades! Grades 1 and 2 chose today’s theme and it was a rousing success.

We thought yesterday’s participation percentages were high, today’s blew us away!

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 100%

3rd and 4th – 100%

5th through 8th – 100%

High School – 86%

The winner will be decided by highest percentage participation. Our cumulative participation averages so far (so the average of yesterday’s participation and today’s) are:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 90%

3rd and 4th – 85.5%

5th through 8th – 87.5%

High School – 81%

It’s a tight race! Kinder is setting a blazing pace but the other cohorts aren’t too far behind. Way to go, OCS!

Today’s photos are a ton of fun.

Getting Fancy on Day 1 of Spirit Week

Our students had fun dressing up in their fanciest clothes, the theme picked by the kindergarten class.

Today’s participation percentages were incredible:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 80%

3rd and 4th – 71%

5th through 8th – 75%

High School – 76%

Here are some photos from around campus today.

Spring is Here!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and deer are visiting campus regularly. Check out this photos of Ms. Q’s class getting to pet a deer!

Author’s Tea

For those unfamiliar with this annual OCS tradition, in the month of March our K-8 students each write a book. The books vary in their contents from fiction to nonfiction, from poetry to short stories, from biographies to mysteries. The students write and edit their prose as well as including illustrations. Author’s Tea is the event where their hard work is showcased!

This year’s Author’s Tea looked quite a bit different than in years past. Each cohort got their own table and pop-up tent where the collection of books written by that cohort’s students could be accessed (the high school students represented the snack table, much to their delight).

Mr. Rivera added ambiance with guitar music and the OCS parents provided a wide array of snacks (one of students’ favorite parts of Authors’ Tea) including lots of vegan and gluten free snacks.

Check out the gallery of photos from the event below!


New Teacher: Kallie McCutcheon

OCS is thrilled to be able to announce a new addition to our staff for the 2021-2022 school year. Kallie McCutcheon is heading to Orcas with her husband, Ryan, and their two kids, Rigel and Piper. The family is moving from Sitka, Alaska where she has worked at Sitka Adventist School for 8 years and is currently the principal and sole teacher (grades 1-8). At OCS, she will be teaching 4th and 5th grade, with Mrs. Pottle taking our large 3rd grade group.

Kallie with her two children, Rigel (age 4) and Piper (age 2)

Here are some fun facts about our new addition:

  • She and her husband honeymooned at Rosario Resort
  • For 5 summers, she worked in commercial fishing for sockeye salmon in Egegik, Alaska
  • In Sitka, she is part of a Russian dancing team where they dance troikas and wear lots of fun costumes
  • Her family loves hiking and kayaking
  • Habukkuk 2:3 is her favorite Bible verse: “Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”
  • Almond aux croissants are her favorite pastry (and her husband says her homemade ones rival those in a Paris patisserie)
  • Tan is her least favorite crayon color
  • She loves gardening and teaching children to garden (so she’ll feel right at home getting her hands dirty in the Enchanted Food Forest)
Kallie and her family will be visiting the island next week in preparation for their move this Summer.

Spirit Week 2021 Announcement

This year we had each of our 5 cohorts (a cohort is a sub-group of the school, kept separate from the others due to Covid-19 precautions) select a theme for the 5 days of Spirit Week!

When the second week after Spring Break rolls around, the cohorts will be in a competition to see which group has the highest percentage participation (highest number of participants would give an edge to the larger cohorts). The winning group will get to help craft their own reward event!

Check out the graphic below to see the themes each cohort chose! And expect lots of pictures in April.

World History Icon Day

Tuesday, March 2, the 9th and 10th grade students made presentations on the historical icon of their choice. We were able to Zoom the performances so family, friends, and fellow students could watch the culmination of weeks of preparation.

Thank you to the Orcas Center for their assistance and support with costumes! You made this project even more magical.

See if you can identify which student is which of the following icons! Click the image to see if you are correct and to learn a little bit about these historical figures.

  • Alexander the Great
  • Cleopatra
  • Kali Ma
  • Ibn Battuta
  • Joan of Arc
  • Henry VIII
  • Grace O’Malley
  • Peter the Great
  • Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
  • Anne Bonny
  • Jeanne Louise Antonini