Twinning on Day 3

Day 3 of Spirit Week had the OCS student body picking a friend (or two… or seven [cough, Kindergarten, cough]) to dress the same as.   Participation for the day by each class:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 67%

3rd and 4th – 68%

5th through 8th – 63%

High School – 76%

The cumulative standings after day 3 look as follows:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 82.2%

3rd and 4th – 79.9%

5th through 8th – 79.4%%

High School – 79.4%

Kindergarten is still the team to beat, staying steady at 100% participation, as we head into pajama day.  Stay tuned!

Don’t worry, you aren’t seeing double, these are just the pictures from Twin Day!

Robbie and Ezra matched with their Minecraft shirts and their curly hair!
The entire kindergarten class came as a matching set!
Bella and Tatum matching down to their bunny hats and masks.
Anavah and Samantha pictured here in the background with their bridge! It’s really taking shape.
Note: Twin Day is non-contact. But if it weren’t, Elijah and Nikko would be prepared.
Ms. Becca and Ms. Q had an easy time matching because they own so much awesome clothing from Faraways Boutique!
Xilef and Renata matched while they prepared their bridge pieces for assembly.
Alina and Meriel #twinning with precision and style. We would expect no less from these fierce ladies.
Aria and Ms. Kami are TWO cute humans (Twin Day pun!) We have it on good authority that Aria carefully made these outfit selections.
In clothing not altogether out of character, Lili, Ms. Becca, and Kameah came as a trio.
Nick and Matthew went with a classic look. The “OI” on Nick’s hat sure looks official.