Stuffed Animal Parade on Day 2 of Spirit Week

Day 2 of Spirit Week had 100% participation from nearly all grades! Grades 1 and 2 chose today’s theme and it was a rousing success.

We thought yesterday’s participation percentages were high, today’s blew us away!

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 100%

3rd and 4th – 100%

5th through 8th – 100%

High School – 86%

The winner will be decided by highest percentage participation. Our cumulative participation averages so far (so the average of yesterday’s participation and today’s) are:

Kindergarten – 100%

1st and 2nd – 90%

3rd and 4th – 85.5%

5th through 8th – 87.5%

High School – 81%

It’s a tight race! Kinder is setting a blazing pace but the other cohorts aren’t too far behind. Way to go, OCS!

Today’s photos are a ton of fun.