Author’s Tea

For those unfamiliar with this annual OCS tradition, in the month of March our K-8 students each write a book. The books vary in their contents from fiction to nonfiction, from poetry to short stories, from biographies to mysteries. The students write and edit their prose as well as including illustrations. Author’s Tea is the event where their hard work is showcased!

This year’s Author’s Tea looked quite a bit different than in years past. Each cohort got their own table and pop-up tent where the collection of books written by that cohort’s students could be accessed (the high school students represented the snack table, much to their delight).

Mr. Rivera added ambiance with guitar music and the OCS parents provided a wide array of snacks (one of students’ favorite parts of Authors’ Tea) including lots of vegan and gluten free snacks.

Check out the gallery of photos from the event below!