Wacky Hair Day on Day 5

The final day of Spirit Week featured hair of many colors, shapes, and sizes! The theme was selected by the high school, many students from which got very creative 😂

The percent participation for the day:

Kindergarten โ€“ 100%

1st and 2nd โ€“ 100%

3rd and 4th โ€“ 80%

5th through 8th โ€“ 80%

High School โ€“ 57.9%

Theย overall standings after the final day:

Kindergarten โ€“ 100% *AMAZING*

1st and 2nd โ€“ 88.1%

3rd and 4th โ€“ 81.45%

5th through 8th โ€“ 81.52%

High School โ€“ 75.2%

So Kindergarten takes home the gold with 1st and 2nd grade ahead of the rest of the pack with 88.1% participation. After being neck and neck the whole week, 5th through 8thย barely beat out 3rd and 4th for the third place spot (I had to round to the nearestย hundredth instead of tenth or they would have tied!) The high school hung in there for most of the week but had a tough day on Friday that really brought their average down.

Thanks for keeping up with the spirit week shenanigans! Enjoy the photos from wacky hair day.