High School Bake Sale

As the snow dampened our hopes for a pop-up at Luna’s on Valentine’s Day, the OCS high schoolers have opted to do a second, pre-order-only bake sale to raise additional funds! If you ordered from our last sale, please note the changes to our offerings (an updated list is below).

Orders will be taken through the end of the day Friday, February 26, and will be available for pick-up or delivery on Sunday, February 28.

Please be sure to indicate if you would like to purchase your treats for yourself or if you would like them delivered elsewhere (the fire department, a workplace, a friend, etc.) Orders can be placed through an OCS high school student or by calling the OCS office at (360) 376-6683.

All goods will be baked in a commercial kitchen with COVID-19 precautions taken.


Chocolate Chip Cookies (can be made GF upon request): $2 for 1 -or- $5 for 3 -or- $20 for 12

Cupcakes and Brownies: $5 for 2 -or- $10 for 5 -or- $25 for 12

  • Chocolate Cupcakes (can be made GF and vegan upon request)
  • Vanilla Confetti Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Brownies (cupcake-style)

Chocolate Fudge: $10 for 12 pieces (naturally GF)

Bread: $15 per loaf

  • GF Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
  • Banana Nut Bread


Valentine’s Day Pop-Up at Luna’s

The OCS high school students will be preparing baked goods to sell pop-up style at Luna’s Cafe in Eastsound on Valentine’s Day from 12 PM to 6 PM. Preorders are encouraged and appreciated. To place a preorder, call Kami at (360) 376-6683 or e-mail her at kgriffin@oics.org. Be sure to mention if you are GF or Vegan so we’re extra careful!

Cookies – $2 for 1 -or- $5 for 3 -or- $20 for 12
• No Bake – GF
• Snicker Doodle – GF
• Chocolate Chip
Cupcakes – $5 for 2 -or- $10 for 5 -or- $25 for 12
• Chocolate – Vegan/GF
• Red Velvet
• Vanilla Confetti
Fudge – $10 for 12 pieces
• Peanut Butter
• Chocolate
Muffins – $4 each or $20 for 6
• Banana
• Brownie – GF
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread (GF) – $15 for whole